Most Wanted

While HideAway Books will take your donated books, and give you store credit for books still in good condition, below are some of the types of books, titles, or authors, we are CURRENTLY looking for. This page will change as needs are filled. (Links provide examples of what we are looking for, but may not represent the exact book needs.) Thank you!


Kids Books

Utah County has so many kids who LOVE to read. They are so eager to open up a fun picture book and try it out themselves, or have it read to them.


Chapter Books

There is nothing like getting pulled into the world of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or the Warrior Kitties, to keep a kid busy for a long, long while.


Books for Grown ups

While the majority of the store is dedicated to kids, there is a nice sampling of grown up fiction and non-fiction for the moms, dads, grandparents, and others who find their way here.