Books for Battle of the Books, in stock

Battle of the Books 2018.jpg

Is your child’s classroom participating in this year’s Battle of the Books? This national reading competition pits student against student who read from the same list of books. HideAway Books has been working throughout the summer to collect, or special order, as many books on the list as possible.

Get your books used, for a big discount, or new, selling at a smaller discount. Pay less for new books here, than on Amazon. For example, on Amazon, Roller Girl is just under $12 new, but priced at $9.49 at HideAway Books. Even our used books are a great deal! The Indian in the Cupboard used on Amazon goes for around $5 online, and around $2.50 in store, depending on the condition. You can’t beat these fun deals.

Support a local small business, support your child’s education, and as always support awesome reading programs!