Store Credit FAQ

Dec. 20 Update: Starting Jan. 1, Store Credit can not be used on Special Order books. All books currently in the store can be bought using store credit. Thank you.

Can I donate books for store credit?

Yes! Accepting books for store credit helps to keep our inventory fresh. We also love to know which books you liked, in order to be able to recommend them to other readers.

What kinds of books are you looking for?

We are always looking for fiction (contemporary and classic), children's books, teen books, religious books, foreign language books (especially Spanish) and history/biographies. Check out our new page, Most Wanted Books, for an up to date list, on the top books we need in the store. We are not currently accepting cookbooks, gardening books, crafting books, encyclopedias or dictionaries.

Current exception: We are looking for cookbooks specifically addressing keto, low-carb, or gluten free diets. We are also looking for Instant Pot recipe books.

The owner may refuse specific books if we already have multiple copies in storage.

How many books can I bring in?

Due to time and resources, please limit your delivery to two medium sized boxes at a time. In most cases, we can process 10-20 books while you are in the store, and then can notify you of your total credit amount within 48-72 hours. You may have a maximum of $500 in store credit on your customer profile.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are currently not necessary, however, better days for delivery are Thursdays and Fridays.

Do you pay cash for books?

Very rarely cash is paid for books. These are usually high quality books, in excellent condition, paid for by the box. Due to being a new business with a limited cash flow, no more than $50 will be paid out at a time.

How does your store credit work?

To receive store credit a profile is created in the bookstore system. Profiles can be by individual or family. When scanned in, the credit applied will be 40% of the store price. The store price is based on a percentage of the publication price, condition, and demand for that particular book. Example: Store price = $10, credit will be $4. 

When you purchase books from the store, the store credit will cover 50% of the cost of the book. For example, a book costs $5. Store credit covers $2.50, you pay $2.50, plus tax, until your store credit runs out.

I don't want store credit. Will you just take my books?

Yes. Thank you so much for your donation, and for supporting a local business. 

Can I donate my store credit to someone else?

Once assigned, store credit cannot be given to someone else. However, if you notify us ahead of time that you would like the store credit donated to someone else, that is a possibility. If you have someone in mind, that is fine, otherwise, there are several teachers who use HideAway Books to stock their classroom libraries who would love a store credit donation!